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Store-A-Tooth™ Dental Stem Cell Banking and Product News

Stem Cells, Biobanking and the Shift to Precision Medicine

Posted by James Andrews on Thu, Dec 26, 2013 @ 10:06 AM

With a major paradigm shift underway related to diagnostics, treatments and delivery options, the shape of medical technology is changing rapidly to an approach that is much more patient-centered and focused on “precision medicine,” said Dr. Joseph Laning, Vice president of Research and Development for Provia Laboratories, LLC, during a presentation at the NSTC Biosciences seminar held on November 1 at Cummings Center in Beverly. “This change brings opportunity related to physician training, medical record portability and availability, as well as new and more accurate diagnostics – all leading to more personalized medicine.”

how stem cells can potentially be used as tools for basic research and drug discoveryDuring his presentation, Dr. Laning described how stem cells can potentially be used as tools for basic research and drug discovery, and how in the future “it could be your banked materials for you and your family” that are used in targeted medical treatments when needed. Dr. Laning outlined available sources for stem cells – including adult, embryonic, and induced – and provided an overview of the economic and ethical issues associated with each source and the use of stem cells in general.  He also outlined current pre-clinical and clinical testing being conducted in the field – including studies focusing used on stroke, spinal cord injuries, and regenerative medicine.

Stem cells are versatile self-contained models and are a reproducible source material for both basic and applied research, Dr. Laning told seminar attendees. For these reasons and because the “near and long-term clinical benefits are potentially immense,” there is an important value proposition associated with the use of stem cells in both biobanking and clinical research, he said. “We will see stem cells become state-of-the-art testing platforms and achieve therapeutic value,” Dr. Laning predicted. In order for this to happen, he said a company or group will need to “step up and push forward” some of the current and proposed clinical trials related to stem cells – then this will help drive momentum as well as product availability and increased interest.

Dr. LaningDr. Laning, now with Provia Labs, has spent the past 18 years seeking to translate concepts into products in the fields of wound care, regenerative medicine, and stem cell therapy. With a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Boston University and a PhD in Immunology from Harvard, Dr. Laning is currently targeting research related to the optimization of dental sourced biobanking methods. Lexington-based Provia Labs is a health services company specializing in high quality stem cell biobanking, including the Store-A-Tooth™ service which provides an opportunity for parents to preserve stem cells from baby and wisdom teeth in preparation for future advances in stem cell therapies.

The seminar was sponsored by Lisa Miranda, President and CEO of BioBusiness Consulting, Inc., which specializes in biobanking, clinical research, and biotechnology product development advisory. Biobusiness Consulting, a boutique consulting firm based in the Greater Boston Area, serves pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and government sectors worldwide. For more information please contact Lisa Miranda @ lisabmiranda@biobusinessconsulting.com

Republished courtesy of The North Shore Technology Council http://nstc.org

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