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The keys to a successful healthcare business

Posted by James Andrews on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 @ 09:24 AM

Investment life article on the business of stem cellsBuilding a healthcare business is very hard. It takes more than a needed technology.  It takes more than a top-notch team.  Healthcare businesses, particularly life science businesses, require a considerable amount of capital for both product development and market development.

An interview with Provia Laboratories CEO Howard Greenman, highlights the difficulties and keys to success when building a healthcare business from the ground up:

I remember 14 years ago, I was sitting across the table from a healthcare venture capitalist – pitching my first startup company.  It was the first time I was in such a meeting and I was nervous – very similar to the TV show Shark Tank.  I will never forget what he said:  “There are many great healthcare ideas, but few that are good business ideas.”  He continued, “I measure the potential of a healthcare innovation first by its finance-ability.”  It seems a shame that many interesting healthcare innovations that are needed by patients don’t make it to market because they don’t make sense to investors.

My current company, Provia Laboratories has a technology (the ability to collect, transport, process, expand, test, and preserve the valuable adult stem cells found inside baby and wisdom teeth) that is both an incredible technology for patients allowing them to preserve their youthful stem cells for future therapies, but it is also an appealing business for investors.  This is described in the attached article about our investment partner – Grace Century.

We are fortunate to be working with such an outstanding firm who selected Provia Laboratories as a “game changer” investment for its portfolio.  Grace Century has done a rigorous job evaluating our business through their due diligence process and continues to provide advice and support to us as a true partner.  We have a needed technology, a world-class team, and an amazing investment partner providing us the needed capital to grow.

Article on investing in stem cell storage

Here is an excerpt from an article in Investment Life magazine:

Stem Cells and Investment Strategy

How a select group of investors is identifying opportunity in an increasingly complex environment.

To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson - if you build a better mousetrap, the world wil beat a path to your door.
It appears that a company called Grace Century FZ, LLC has invented the equivalent of a better mousetrap. This organization's approach to providing exceptional investment value for clients is based on the identification of opportunities within some of the fastest growing sectors in the world...

...One of the current investment opportunities identified by Grace Century fulfills all of the above criteria (common sense, a workable solution, the right team and the right risk-reward ratio). The investment opportunity is a company called Provia Laboratories, which has a branded service name 'Store-A-Tooth' (stem cell storage).

Stem Cell Storage
Ongoing research indicates that stem cells may hold the key to repairing organs, curing chronic disease and even extreme human longevity.

For this reason many parents are storing umbilical cord material which can be used in host-specific therapy.

What of parents who did not store umbilical material? One company - Provia - thinks they might have a solution.

You can read the entire article here:

Additional links:
More information on the Store-A-Tooth™ service provided by Provia Laboratories

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