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Adult Stem Cell Treatment Is Changing Lives [VIDEO]

Posted by James Andrews on Wed, Sep 25, 2013 @ 03:00 PM

Utah Man saved by stem cell therapyA Utah man who once was given a life sentence of never walking again by doctors is surprising everyone.

Shawn Wickards is the face of a new treatment using stem cells.

Watch the video...

As the presenters explain, we're not talking about "embryonic" stem cells that have been so controversial in recent years. This is about "adult stem cells" and they are giving hope to people with many kinds of diseases.

Shawn Wickard at the age of 42 is working out, not a big deal, unless you consider just a few years ago the only thing he could do was wiggle his big toe a quarter of an inch.

What we're seeing Shawn do comes after years of therapy, pain, personal drive and a new wave of modern medicine testing.

15-years ago Shawn began to feel pain, overwhelming fatigue and his health deteriorated quickly.

In a little more than a year, Shawn's body was failing him on many levels.

He survived, but was left numb to life, both physically and emotionally.

Doctor after doctor admitted defeat in treating him, until he decided to allow himself to become part of an experimental therapy at the National Institute of Health in Maryland.

Recent research has discovered a new level of blank cells known as stem cells in the human body. They are taken out of our bone marrow and put back into the diseased areas of the body to regrow and replace the tainted cells. These cells can come from Bone marrow (the most commonly known source of stem cells), cord blood and now the dental pulp inside of teeth (baby teeth, wisdom teeth or any healthy tooth coming out naturally or for orthodontia).

Adult stem cell treatment is showing promise in treating spinal cord injuries, heart problems, diabetes, lupus, parkinsons and multiple sclerosis, but the process isn't perfect yet and recovery is still very slow.

Shawn's stem cell treatment was six years ago, but today he's walking up to a half mile on the treadmill.

Shawn still uses a wheelchair to go longer distances so he doesn't get tired, but he works full time at Home Depot and often surprises customers at what he can do.

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