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Stem Cells Explained - The Science Show - [VIDEO]

Posted by James Andrews on Mon, May 06, 2013 @ 09:18 AM

Video explaining stem cellsYou've got lots of types of cells in your body, you've got muscle cells, skin cells a, liver cells and brain cells and most of these cells have to replaced every once in a while.

Your taste bust for instance are replaced every 10 days od so...

Skin cells are replaced every couple of weeks!

Liver cells turn over every 300 - 500 days.

The cells that are doing the replacing of the old cells  and repairing of the damaged tissue are adult stem cells, also sometimes calles somatic stem cells.

Watch this fun and informative video to learn more about your stem cells.

For decades, doctors have harnessed the unique ability of stem cells to treat cancer and genetic blood diseases. Most of us know of someone who has had a bone marrow transplant; this is a type of stem cell therapy. Today, over 1,700 clinical studies are under way demonstrating the use of stem cells to treat diseases, to heal injuries, and to grow replacement tissues like tendons, muscles, and blood vessels.

This exploding field of research holds the promise that your child, utilizing a toolkit of their own stem cells, will live a life of unprecedented wellness extended by decades.

Banking today means your child has the potential to benefit from the advanced therapies of tomorrow.

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