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From arthritis to diabetes - the real stem cell potential

Posted by James Andrews on Mon, Oct 01, 2012 @ 10:01 AM

Arthritis to diabetes - The potential stem cell cureScientists are hoping recent developments in the usage of stem cell therapy to treat common health problems can be transferred to diabetes.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide’s Robinson Institute say stem cells harvested from bone marrow have been shown to work magic when injected into inflamed joints.

“These cells can convert themselves into a cartridge and give relief to the joint,”

Professor Andrew Zannattino told 7 News.

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Stem cells have also been proven to do a similar thing to other bones, even those damaged by severe injury or cancer.

“These cells start stimulating the blood vessels to come into those sites and they can form bone itself,”

Professor Stan Gronthos said. A trial on heart attack patients has also delivered promising results.

“The heart muscle actually becomes re-oxygenated with new blood so it actually repairs the heart,”

Professor Grontos said.

They say the next step is seeing if stem cell therapy has an effect on diabetes. It is hoped stem cells will eventually be able to be administered with a simple needle or intravenously, and researchers are hoping a therapy will be readily available in hospitals within five years.

All enquiries regarding clinical trials using the mesenchymal precursor cells (MPC) technology should be

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