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[VIDEO ] ABC's Robin Roberts receives stem cell transplant today

Posted by James Andrews on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 @ 09:53 AM

Robin Roberts Stem Cell Transplant“Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts is getting a bone marrow transplant from her sister, WWL morning anchor Sally-Ann Roberts, today.

Sally-Ann has been in New York this week with a third Roberts sister, Dorothy, to be with Robin, who suffers from a rare blood disorder as a result of her treatment for breast cancer in 2007. Sally-Ann posted an update on her Facebook page this morning:


September 20th is a new date to mark on the Roberts family calendar. This is Robin’s birthday! This morning Dorothy and I will witness Robin get stem cells that once lived inside me to move to their new residence. They’re moving on up!

“Good Morning America” aired a taped message from Roberts this morning. Watch it after the jump…


Should you be storing your family's stem cells?

The answer to that might be "I didn't know I could!"

Preserving your children's own dental stem cells is simple, painless and convenient.

These stem cells are found in baby teeth that are naturally coming out and in wisdom teeth, or other healthy teeth, that are being extracted.

Instead of having your dentist discard these valuable stem cells, or putting them under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy - consider how dental stem cells could one day help protect your family's health.

Similar to stem cells from umbilical cord blood, dental stem cells have the potential to be used in many medical applications.

They have already been used to regenerate dental bone and treat periodontal disease, and are currently being studied by researchers to help treat conditions such as diabetes, spinal cord injury, stroke, heart attack, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Dental Stem Cells - a new source of stem cells that are:

  • Plentiful and painless to collect - found in baby teeth naturally falling out or extracted teeth such as wisdom teeth
  • Affordable - the initial cost to store dental stem cells is about one third to one half the cost of storing umbilical cord blood
  • Non-controversial - adult stem cells, not embryonic
  • Precious - public banks don't exist for storing dental stem cells
  • Autologous - a perfect match since they're your child's own stem cells (so no risk of immunologic rejection)
  • Your child's dental stem cells may also match closely related relatives (siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts)

If you want to learn more:

Free stem cell info kit


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