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5 tips about wisdom teeth extractions for undergrads

Posted by James Andrews on Wed, Sep 12, 2012 @ 08:50 AM

chipmunk wisdom toothThe summer is over and undergrads are heading back to campuses around the country. It's a busy time for everyone, especially for denstists.

A surprising statistic reveals that this time of year sees a huge spike in wisdom teeth extractions, especially in students.

This is not entirely surprising since it coincides with the typical age and need to have wisdom teeth extracted.

So here are a few handy facts about wisdom teeth that might surprise you...

1) Wisdom teeth surgery is typically a good excuse to lounge around the house for a couple days, eating copious amounts of ice cream and popping some pleasant pain relievers.

2)Impacted wisdom teeth are an ancient problem – The oldest known impacted wisdom tooth belonged to an unfortunate European woman who lived roughly 15,000 years ago during the Magdalenian period (13,000-18,000 B.C.). The skeleton of the woman was first discovered in France in 1911 and acquired by the Field Museum in Chicago in 1926. For nearly 100 years, the skeleton was known as the “Magdalenian Girl” because her wisdom teeth had apparently not yet erupted. However, new analysis revealed that her wisdom teeth were actually impacted, meaning that they had stopped growing before they completely broke the surface of the gum line. The “Magdalenian Girl” was actually a Magdalenian woman with some pretty bad jaw pain.

3) Some people don’t have wisdom teeth – In fact, 35% of the population never develops wisdom teeth. Researchers have a number of theories as to why this may be the case. Some say that evolution may be the culprit. Humans simply don’t need the teeth for survival anymore. Other researchers see it as a cultural phenomenon which depends on how different cultures use their jaws. For instance, in parts of East Asia, it’s more common to find people without wisdom teeth.

4) Wisdom teeth can produce stem cells – In 2008, Japanese researchers discovered that induced pluripotent stem cells could be harvested from wisdom teeth. This means that people who have their wisdom teeth extracted can choose to preserve their teeth in case they need the stem cells later in life.

5) You can now have those stem cells harvested and cryogenically frozen for the day you need them. It surprises most people to hear that the cost of banking your dental stem cells from wisdom teeth is about the same as the price of your daily cup of coffee. More info on pricing...

As one of our recent undergrads who banked her stem cells told us, most students have no idea they have the choice to "yank 'em and bank 'em" instead of dropping them in the trash.

If you are having your wisdom teeth extracted soon and are interested in finding out more about Store-A-Tooth™ please call 1-877-867-5753 and ask about our student discounts.

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