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Store-A-Tooth™ Dental Stem Cell Banking and Product News

In 9 slides: Store-A-Tooth stem cell banking

Posted by James Andrews on Mon, Jun 18, 2012 @ 11:58 AM

dental stem cell slide showIf you have a dentist's appointment coming up, here are 9 useful slides to get up to speed with storing the stem cells from your teeth.

What are dental stem cells?

Dental stem cells are adult stem cells (not embryonic stem cells) found in both baby teeth and wisdom teeth. Dental stem cells have been shown to be able to differentiate into bone, dental tissue, cartilage, and muscle, and there is even evidence that they may be able to differentiate into neural tissue. They are being studied for applications in regenerative dentistry and medicine.

Why do families choose to store their dental stem cells?

There are many reasons. Some treat the service as a sort of biological insurance. Others have chosen to store stem cells because their family has specific history or risk factors that prompt them to consider all potential options available. Some see the momentum building in the field of stem cell research and do not want to miss the opportunity to preserve their stem cells now. Because there are limited opportunities to safely, inexpensively, and painlessly collect and store stem cells – most of our clients want to be prepared “just in case” their children ever need them.

Why should I work with Store-A-Tooth™? 

Our mission is to provide the best possible dental stem cell banking service available. The Store-A-Tooth service combines industry-leading tooth transport, cryopreservation, and biorepository protocols and logistics. Our team has decades of experience in dentistry, scientific research and development, and healthcare management.

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