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Quadriplegic man regaining motor skills after stem cell therapy

Posted by James Andrews on Mon, Jun 04, 2012 @ 10:31 AM

Quadriplegic man making progress after stem cell therapyChris's story first came to our attention in late September 2011.

Just three weeks after road accident victim Chris Walmsley had stem cell therapy at a clinic in Germany, his family are already seeing improvements.

Chris, aged 32, of Abbotswood nursing home, Ballasalla, was left quadriplegic after being hit by a car on Richmond Hill in 2006.

Chris and his family had been advised it would take three to six months before they started seeing improvements.

His mother said: 

‘At the weekend he actually opened his hands – they are always clenched tight – and held my hands.’

Carol added: ‘It’s only been three weeks since the treatment, so hopefully we will see further improvements in the coming weeks.’

The procedure involved removing some of his bone marrow and then isolating the stem cells, which help the body to regenerate and repair itself.

The cells were then injected into Chris’s spine.

Fast forward nine months to June 2012

‘As far as the family are concerned, stem cells rock!’

Carol has posted a video on YouTube which she says shows just how much progress Chris has made.

He is now able to touch his nose with his right hand.

‘I keep watching it over and over I am so thrilled with it,’ she said.

His mother added: ‘Before the therapy there was no way he could have touched his nose. Yesterday he was touching his lips and his forehead too.’

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