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10 stem cell updates you might have missed last week

Posted by James Andrews on Mon, May 14, 2012 @ 09:55 AM

Weekly Stem cell News Roundup

Stem cells to cure Diabetes - where are we?
New research further advances that hypothesis and it is important to note that dental stem cells (adult stem cells) and not embryonic were studied with the promise of curing Type 1 Diabetes.

[video] Dentists using stem cells to repair tooth from the inside out.
It seems that dental specialists are starting  to experiment with a new way to treat damaged teeth.

New advances in treating spinal cord injuries with adult stem cells.
The second annual meeting of national scientists and researchers coming together in Newark to share their expertise.

[video] Why Stem Cells are proving to be Effective Against HIV.
Many scientists believe they hold great promise in treating a host of ailments, and there have been good results in some clinical trials.

2 Cell Transplantation studies impact dental stem cell research for therapeutic purposes.

Clinical trial update: Stem cell study for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease)

Toothless No More – Researchers Using Stem Cells to Grow New Teeth.

Suzanne Somers on stem cell surgery: "We're not that far away from being able to regrow limbs".

Stem cell researchers map new knowledge about insulin production.

Stem cell research: the future of medicine is born.

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