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Store-A-Tooth™ Dental Stem Cell Banking and Product News

Top 10 adult stem cell & regenerative medicine stories of the week

Posted by James Andrews on Mon, Apr 30, 2012 @ 02:45 PM

Weekly Stem cell News RoundupTop 10 Stories:

[video] Adult stem cells regenerate hair in mice
This may be the best news those of us that are follically challenged!

Researchers in Japan have grown fully functional hair follicles in mice through the rearrangement of stem cells...
Take a look at "Tufty" the mouse...

Stem Cell Applications: Is this the end for arthritis?

Millions of people develop osteoarthritis as they reach old age.
The Goal:
Regenerating the cartilage-making process in the body has become a primary goal in orthopedic medicine.
Kartogenin enabled mice with knee injuries to regain weight-bearing capacity on the joint within 42 days...

Experts warn about the consequences of NOT banking stem cells
Ireland is the latest to join a number of countries looking to provide stem cell banking at a national level to offer it's population "bio insurance" protection...

Stem cells from children & adults developed into therapies
The Cell Therapy Research Institute in Lyon, France specializes in taking adult stem cells from children and adults, and developing them into different tissues for therapies...

[VIDEO] Congress majority in support of special diabetes research program
Thanks to the hard work of many of you across the country, a majority in Congress has signed a letter addressed to congressional leadership acknowledging the important research contributions of the Special Diabetes Program - leading the way in finding a cure, better treatments, and technologies for those who have diabetes.

What Every Mama Needs To Know About Stem Cell Banking
"Stem cells are like nature's repair kit for the body," explains Valastro. "Buddy and I could never live with ourselves if we didn't preserve something as valuable as our children's cord blood stem cells. We need to help other families understand their value, too."

Dental Stem cell Banking Facts
When the tooth of your child is about to fall off, you now have got the alternative of saving that tooth in a dental stem cell bank...

Teaching old cells new tricks
Much hyped by the media, stem cells have tremendous power to improve human health. As part of the Cambridge Stem Cell Initiative, Dr Ludovic Vallier’s research in the Anne McLaren Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine shows how stem cells can further our understanding of disease and help deliver much-needed new treatments.

Stem cell researchers map new knowledge about insulin productio
Scientists from the University of Copenhagen and Hagedorn Research Institute have gained new insight into the signaling paths that control the body's insulin production - their final goal: the conversion of stem cells into insulin-producing beta cells that can be implanted into patients who need them.


Store-A-Tooth offers patients regenerative dentistry options through stem cells
Provia Laboratories's Store-A-Tooth provides a way for patients to preserve life-saving stem cells with their child's teeth...

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