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[video] Adult stem cells regenerate hair in mice

Posted by James Andrews on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 05:50 PM

Hair grown on mouse using stem cellsThis may be the best news those of us that are follically challenged!

Researchers in Japan have grown fully functional hair follicles in mice through the rearrangement of stem cells.

A research group led by Professor Takashi Tsuji (Professor in the Research Institute for Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, and Director of Organ Technologies Inc.) has provided a proof-of-concept for bioengineered organ replacement as a next stage of regenerative therapy.

Reporting in Nature Communications, the group demonstrated that bioengineered hair follicle germ reconstructed from adult epithelial stem cells and dermal papilla cells can regenerate fully functional hair follicle and hair growth. Their bioengineered follicles showed restored hair cycles and piloerection through the rearrangement of follicular stem cells and their niches.

The bioengineered hair follicle also developed the correct structures and formed proper connections with surrounding host tissues such as the epidermis, arrector pili muscle and nerve fibers.

This study reveals the potential applications of adult stem cells not only to regrow hair but as a bioengineered organ replacement therapy.

The full scientific article is available here...

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