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Top 7 adult stem cell developments from the last week

Posted by James Andrews on Mon, Apr 02, 2012 @ 10:06 AM

Weekly Stem cell News RoundupTop Stories:

Stem cells help little girl "regenerate" part of her heart

Yale researchers successfully grew a new blood vessel using stem cells in a 4-year-old girl’s heart in an experimental treatment that could advance the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine.

Dental Stem Cells; It's Not Too Late

Diabetes and Celiac Blog
No one ever plans on themselves or their children developing a life threatening disease.
Fortunately, if you haven’t already stored cord blood, adult stem cell storage may be an option for you now.

Motor Neurone Disease Sees Stem Cell Breakthrough

Doctors at Yale University have successfully implanted a biodegradable scaffold seeded with a four-year-old girl’s own bone-marrow cells to help treat a serious heart defect, as WSJ’s Heartbeat column describes.

Will Stem Cells Eventually Cure All Disease?

Few areas of medical research are generating as much interest as stem cells. There are several reasons why they are receiving so much scientific attention. They are able to divide into copies of themselves. They’re unspecialized. And they can produce other cell types.

Provia Labs Expands Its Store-A-Tooth™ Dental Stem Cell Banking Program

Provia Labs partners with dental offices to make it easy to educate and inform patients about the option to preserve their family’s dental stem cells.

Paralyzed man’s progress topic of talk

Bomboy has been accepted as a candidate for a clinical trial study at the California Stem Cell Treatment Center.

If he’s accepted, doctors will take stem cells from his teeth and extract bone marrow from his hip and perform a fusion. The procedure has already shown positive results in others, and could result in Bomboy regaining functional use of his limbs.

The Fairy Tooth Palace: Artist makes stunning sculpture out of crystal and milk teeth to raise awareness of stem cells

An artist has molded a stunning glass sculpture dubbed the Fairy Tooth Palace after making it out of milk teeth donated by children. 

It may look like a magical palace straight out of The Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings but this stunning sculpture has actually been created to raise awareness about stem cell research.

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