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7 important adult stem cell developments from last week

Posted by James Andrews on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 03:13 PM

Weekly Stem cell News RoundupTop Stories:

Cord blood cures girl’s brain injury

Thanks to a re-infusion of cord blood stem cells, a little girl has recovered from a critical brain injury.

Adult Stem-cell Research Promising a World of Goods

To further get into a groove of being highly proactive professionals focused on building trust and raising awareness among the masses beyond the traditional “brushing and flossing” chats, a number of dental office squads are seeking cutting-edge messages which can provide deep assistance in educating patients on dental stem cells.

Just this minute, the issue of “stem cells” has rising far and wide at the topmost levels of our minds, with a large number of consumers as well as dental professionals joining in.

In Treatment of Child’s Heart Defect, Doctors Find a Stem-Cell Surprise

Doctors at Yale University have successfully implanted a biodegradable scaffold seeded with a four-year-old girl’s own bone-marrow cells to help treat a serious heart defect, as WSJ’s Heartbeat column describes.

Powerful New Cells Cloned: Key to Immune System Disease Could Lie Inside the Cheek

Obtaining these cells still involves an invasive procedure unlike dental stem cell banking but less so than obtaining stem cells from bone marrow.

The breakthrough suggests that the cheek cells have wide-ranging potential for future therapies for immune system-related diseases.

Stem Cell Therapy Could Boost Kidney Transplant Success: Study

A novel technique that uses a kidney transplant recipient’s own stem cells may someday replace or reduce the initial use of anti-rejection medications, new research suggests.

Hope for E.B. Kids: Stem Cells Fight Fatal Skin Disease

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a rare genetic disorder that makes the skin so fragile that the slightest friction causes blisters and skin tears due to lack of collagen in the skin. A new treatment using stem cells from bone marrow to repair the skin of patients with a fatal skin disease with EB is showing promise.

We will 'grow' all organs to order in future, says pioneering surgeon

Patients might one day be able to grow their own organs to replace diseased or damaged body parts – offering a potential solution to the global donor shortage crisis – one of the world's leading transplant surgeons says today.

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