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Stem Cells Grow Teeth

Posted by James Andrews on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 @ 11:41 AM

Last week I received a comment on the blog asking about tooth and organ regeneration using stem cells so I wanted to share some information about just that. A mutation that affects stem-cell action in the development of mouse incisors – which grow continuously – results in abnormal development, excessive enamel deposition, and tusk-like incisors that are not worn down normally (bottom image). Photo by Ophir Klein, DevelopmentResearch has shown that teeth might one day be grown in the lab using stem cells.

In the course of learning about how stem cells drive development, UCSF's Ophir Klein ended up with a mouse with mammoth-like tusks. His most recent findings point to molecular factors that can activate stem cell populations in the teeth or in the gut.

One molecule he identified also activates stem cells in hair follicles (this is not the first study that has indicated that tooth stem cells might hold a key to finding a remedy for baldness). Klein aims to one day correct craniofacial abnormalities with stem cell techniques.

Here's a short video of him explaing his findings:

Check out his fascinating work: Stem Cell Odyssey Leads from Tusks and Teeth to Gut

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